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Back in the 1990s we were working between Madrid and New York City. During that time we came to know the Nuevo Latino food craze that was sweeping Manhattan. It was there that we first savoured papaya, mango, ceviche, bright colours and nightlife.

We went to as many restaurants as we could and danced to the rhythm of Gloria Estefan. The freedom, colour and freshness of it all made a powerful impression on us, like that of a first love. This period inspired our “chuletón de tomate”—tomato from Huesca served with six tasty ingredients: avocado, mango, papaya, red onion, olive oil and fresh herbs. The Nuevo Latino style of cooking was born in Miami with influences from Cuba and Ocean Drive. We owe this dish to chef Douglas Rodríguez, the godfather of Nuevo Latino cuisine.



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